Macko & Schambach, s.r.o.

From the beginning, our company was meant to export goods from Slovakia and import goods from Western Europe. Our company started in 2008 selling hand-made baby garments. In 2009, we expanded by offering also different accessories for babys and toddlers as well as braids and other material for needlework. In late autumn, our German branch attended a consumer fair for baby products in Munich (Babywelt 2009) which can be regarded as great success, considering the boost in sales following it.

The fabrics for our own products are carefully selected and come from different countries of the European Community - Belgium, Czech, France and Italy, for example. In general, any products we trade in have to meet a certain quality standard that is close to those articles we manufacture ourselves.

This year we are about to launch online shops of our own for both branch locations in addition to the sales platform via which we have sold most articles so far. Furthermore, our German branch has already begun to intensify their marketing activities to make our baby garment brand more widely known to potential customers. - Having said this, we are still open for commercial opportunities that would complement our current activities. If you think we could be the right partner for your business concept, please contact us.